There are several benefits from working with an agency:

- One single contact that can handle your operation abroad

- One company that knows the best vendors. the most adjusted manufacturers for each kind of construction

- One company that is every single day following up developments and production from brands, just like yours

- An office in Portugal where you can have your meetings when and if you need to come here

- A 45 minutes drive should be enough for us to get to the factories to check on things

- Know-how aquired by more than 3 decades in the industry

- You often might be lead to think that working directly with a factory might be "cheaper". You're probably right. But you won't have your representative in a foreign country, one that knows the culture and the language, representing YOUR BRAND and not the factory's interests.

- Possibility of concentrating the developments that might be used by different factories in one place (boxes, bags, labels...)

- Assistance in finding the best logistics solution for your brand

If you are looking for a hassle free solution, that's us.

If you are looking for the cheapest solution, please continue your search elsewhere!