This is the service that makes us stand out from the crowd and differentiates us from the hundreds out there.

So you do have an idea of a shoe / collection you'd like to launch.

Good news!

We can make it happen. We've done it inumerous times.

We can develop:

- Outsoles - even make exclusive molds

- Lasts - for the samples and for production

- Prototypes - We are second to none making designs real

- Samples - In the colourways you need

- Box / packaging

- Production - Please check our "sourcing" page

Just keep in mind that we don't work for free until you place an order. 

With that in mind, please drop us an e-mail explaining what you have in mind, what is the quantity of styles, how many colours per style, how many pairs you estimate you'll buy in production. Knowing if you are funded and what will be the distribution strategy is also helpful.


That will allow us to evaluate if we are a match for your project and to quote accordingly.

If the text in your e-mail is just something like: "Hi. I have a design of a shoe that I'd like to develop. What are the next steps?" or something like that, we will pay the same attention to it that you have paid to looking at our website.