Here is a story you might have heard somewhere. It’s veracity is yet to be checked but let’s look at it as a homily.

In a factory a machine stopped working. All the production had stopped due to that.

A technician was called. He looked at the machine and after a few minutes turned a screw.

Presented a bill for 10000 dollars. After being asked to detail the bill, he replied: 100 dollars for turning a screw, 9900 for knowing which screw to turn.

We can help bolster up your brand. Identify what designer might be a match for your project. Selecting the best raw material vendors. Suggesting the best manufacturers for the target you’re aiming. Inform which are the trends in terms of colours, materials, packaging, concept. Connect you and liaise with excellent professionals that can create a campaign, great multimedia content for your social and website.

And even work with you, tuning your business plan and prepare it for being presented to investors, for example.

But not if you are only willing to pay for someone that turns a screw.

It took us a long time and money to know which screw to turn!

This applies to you that just had the idea of creating your own show brand. You have a sketch or an idea. 

But to make it real, you'll need to have the design tweaked, to have your tech pack made, to have colours and materials, and so on.

So, you'll need this consulting service to work with us if you are a start up.

Our experience in brand building speaks for itself!